Specifying Boot Sequences in BIOS Setup –Ethan M.

This is a very straightforward process that opens many doors. For example, today, while trying to boot up a (Frankenstein) computer with recycled disks that still contained password protected user accounts, I specified a removable flash drive with Linux Mint on it to boot first instead of the Disk with. Once Linux was installed, I was able to delete all user account information on the disk and start using the computer with ease.


Note: Every single system is not uniform. Different words, tabs, and/or placement may be encountered. But, if the general guidelines are followed, it should be a breeze.

The only keys available in BIOS setup are up, down, right, left, and enter(all on keyboard).


  1. Turn the computer on, wait until the standard start-up screen appears. Proceed to press  f1,f2,f8, or f10 — There is not one universal key to get into BIOS setup.
  2. Enter BIOS setup.
  3. Move arrow keys until “BOOT” tab is highlighted. This is present in most BIOS setups, but you may need to look for the “BOOT” under another tab on select systems.
  4. In the “BOOT” tab there will be a menu option entitled “BOOT OPTIONS PRIORITIES”, use the down arrow key to highlight “BOOT OPTION ONE” then press “ENTER”.
  5. Once you press enter on the highlighted option one. Select the device that needs priority in the “boot order” by moving the arrow keys up and down and pressing “ENTER”. If a USB port is being used, plug the device in before you turn the computer on(this is not necessary for all computers).
  6. Exit the “BOOT” tab.
  7. Proceed to the “SAVE & EXIT” tab,  highlight “SAVE CHANGES & RESET”, and then press “ENTER”.
  8. The computer will then restart with the new boot order.


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