I picked up a book today by NATHANIEL H. FRANK, Introduction to Mechanics and Heat. While was flipping through it, a Physics II final examination fell out. I am guessing it is from 1939-194o, due to the fact it is written on a type-writer, the pages are amber colored(and thin), and the book it fell out of was publish in 1939. I am going to post up the three questions(not in order).

If you happen to solve them, let me know, we can talk about our different thought processes.  

  1. How many revolutions a day would the earth have to make so that at the equator a body would have 1/2 its normal weight.
  2. A 5 lb. ball of radius a ft. rolls from rest 60 ft. down an incline which drops 6 ft. in 60 ft. Find its angular acceleration.
  3. A concrete dam is built with a triangular cross-section. The base is 6 ft. long, the height is 8ft., and the hypotenuse 10 ft. If the water is 8ft. deep and presses against the vertical side, find the weight per cubic foot to make the dam a stable structure.



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